I am now commited

I am now going to make this work.  I am going to make use of this site.  There has been 5+ years since I have maintained a site with my view and politics.  Want to get it back going again.  I make every excuse as to why I can’t do it or don’t have time.

So my plan is to start up a subject…..if I need to update it later, I will do it!

The new Math

Here is a link:

all of this is predicated on a simple notion that those of us who “got it” were not normal……IE, just because you could think and figure things out does not matter ; The fact that the kids I grew up with, figured all of this out does not matter.

What matters is someone found a solution, and then went looking for a problem ; and the problem they found was how we teach math. OK I get it – we get a chance to rewrite books, sell more stuff, department of educations can hire consultants, etc. I am ok with that, I guess. Cause for years, I made a living (and a good one) telling people, the way you do this is inefficient – let me show you a better way. I get it.

But let’s not paint this as a “helping” me or my child.